❤❤❤ by Frozenmirage

“Hurry up, we must find a place to settle before dark.” In an armored vehicle, Li Hongxi shouted loudly to his walkie talkie.

“Boss, there is a group of mutant antelopes in front, about 20 of them.” Wang Yuan, who was standing on the roof of the armored vehicle with a telescope, said excitedly, “Meat! Thats all meat!”

Li Hongxi licked his lips.

He also wanted to eat meat. 

In the past few months, they had fled all the way from HN Province, the southernmost province, to the north.

The original team of tens of thousands of people now only had more than eight thousand people.

Several grain trucks had also been lost, making the food in the team plummeting.

Ordinary people could survive by eating grains, but these warriors must rely on the meat of mutant beasts to provide energy, otherwise they would not even have the strength to fight.

“Dont care about them.

Go straight!” Although it was only a group of antelopes, their sharp horns could pierce ordinary trucks.

Once the fight began, it would be difficult to fight without damage, only wasting a lot of time and energy.


“Boss…” the reluctant voice of the team members came from the walkie talkie.

“Quiet! Safety is more important.

Find a place to settle down first.

Ill take you out to hunt in the evening!”

“Okay!” The team members were so excited after hearing that they could go hunt and open a small stove[kāi xiǎo zào: prepare better food for someone than for others]

The team leader in charge of transportation shouted loudly, “All vehicles pay attention, increase the power and speed up, dont lose track!”

In fact, there were only a dozen armored vehicles in this team, and the rest were ordinary trucks and buses. 

More than 100 martial warriors led thousands of ordinary people to move northward, which was not only a long way but also dangerous.

They had rode for more than ten days in this mountain range connecting East and West.

Li Hongxi opened an electronic map.

It was the latest satellite map sent by the Central Government to each base.

The date was one month ago. 

But all those who had been to the wild know that one months time was enough for earth shaking changes in the terrain.

They had encountered many such situations along the way.

“Ten kilometers ahead is the former prefecture-level city.

The map shows that half of the buildings are still intact.

We will rest there tonight and search for some supplies.

After passing here, we can only camp in the car for several days.”

This was a common situation.

There were many mountains in the south.

After the great disaster, plants grew like crazy and animals began to mutate.

Those villages and towns in the mountains had long ceased to exist.

Only some big cities could organize teams to fight against the invasion of animals and plants.

In particular, cities along the coast had abundant funds and were far away from mountains and forests.

As long as the animals and plants in the cities were killed as soon as they received the news about mutation, they could safely survive the first crisis.

Of the many human beings who survived the catastrophe, unfortunately, a tsunami engulfed the coastal cities, and from tens of millions of people, no one knew how many survived.

Their team escaped from the island and received some survivors along the way, but the number of survivors was far less than the number of deaths, and the number of people in the team was still decreasing day by day.

Zhou You hunted a deer. 

Since eating wild boar meat that day and finding it beneficial to his health, he would eat meat regularly every day.

But he was tired of eating too much barbecue meat without seasoning.

Now he frowned wildly at the sight of barbecue.

“Lets stew some bone soup today.” The pot was picked up by him from a dilapidated house.

It was rusty, but it could still be used after washing.

After eating the warm soup, he felt comfortable all over.

He was very happy, because he still had a house to shelter from the wind and rain tonight.

He just hoped that halfway through his sleep, there would be no earthquake like last time in that city.

Zhou You went to bed early because he wanted to go to the city at dawn tomorrow to find supplies.

This city was not small and there should be many useful things left.

At midnight, Zhou You was awakened by the noises from downstairs.

He actually heard someone talking!

He jumped up from the bed and was excited to rush downstairs.

Then he heard a sharp female voice scolding, “Wang Zikai, you bastard!… You dare… Fuck you! If you dare to touch me today, my brother wont let you go!”

“Hey, your brother Who is your brother Just let our brothers have a good time.

When we go back, we will pretend that this has never happened.

In the future, our brothers will cover you.

Isnt this more comfortable than a hard life as an ordinary person”

“Bah! My brother is Li Hongxi.

Look in the mirror and see yourself, are you worthy”

“Captain Li Hahaha, its so funny, why dont you say that your brother is Marshal Shao Oh, Im so scared…”

“Bastard! Help…”

“Hahaha! Stop screaming, Captain Li led the team out to hunt tonight and they wont be back soon.

Who else dares to run around at night”

“Big Brother, dont talk too long with her.

She is delaying time.

Hurry up.

We have been vegetarians for too long.

Hey… Although this woman is grumpy, she looks good and her figure, ohh… It would be nice to have a woman.” 

In this end of the world, the human body had also become polarized, either dry and thin because of lack of food, or the warriors who were full of tendons like iron lumps, which were hard to touch.


“No, the boys body was soft last time, but his physique was too bad.

He died after we played a few times.

The physique of an ordinary person is really bad.”

“Dont touch me…go away…”

Zhou You heard this and understood what was going on.

He was instantly furious and was about to go downstairs to teach the gangsters a lesson.

Just after taking a step, the floor cracked and he fell down.

He landed in front of the group of people, right in front of a white butt.

“Shit! Theres someone else here.” 

The rubbles were controlled by Zhou You and smashed on the mans head.

The man fell, blood splattered all over the floor.

Zhou You pushed the body away, helped the woman who was under him, untied the rope on her wrist, and comforted, “Its alright, dont be afraid!”

Without squinting his eyes, he pulled the girl behind him, clenched his fists, and got ready to get rid of the remaining gangsters, but his arm was pulled suddenly.

The woman buttoned up her shirt, stepped forward over him, and said domineeringly, “You stand back! Stay away! Just now I was careless and was tricked by these scumbags.

They really think that I, Li Yunxi, are easy to bully.

See if I cant kill all of them tonight!”

Frozenmirage: Ohhhhh, do you hear that Our… gong… name… ehehehehe…..